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Study at the Man of the Profile of Chimiokines in the Anorexia Bound to the Cancerous Cachexy

Brief description of study

The syndrome of anorexia-cachexie, which accompanies numerous cancers is a major comorbidity which compromises the forecast of these patients. Several cytokines pro-inflammatory as interleukines IL1 , IL6 or TNFa participate in the physiopathology of this syndrome at the man and the animal. Besides, it is now established that different neuronal populations, localized in the hypothalamus, are nerve centers of the control of the appetite and the energy homostasie. However, there is not enough evidence of a direct action of cytokines on these neurones, suggesting the participation of intermediate molecules as chimiokines, inflammatory molecules produced in reaction to an immunological stress by gliales cells and acting directly on the surrounding neurones. The implication of chimiokines in the syndrome of anorexia-cachexie associated with the cancer thus seems very likely Among these, chimiokines " Monocyte Chemoattractant Proteins 1-3 " or MCPs represent obvious candidates because they are produced by multiple tumors. Furthermore, to the mouse, the intellectual expression of MCP1 is correlated in the anorexia led by peripheral injections of a bacterial by-product, the lipopolysaccharide (LPS).

The investigators' main objective is to test at the Man's, in situation of cancer of the pancreas any confused stages, the degree of prdictivit of the chimiokine MCP1 towards the syndrome of anorexia-cachexie associated with the cancer. The investigator also suggest describing: i) the link between rate plasmatique of MCP1 and energy metabolism on one hand, physical composition on the other hand;; ii) the impact of the other chimiokines, particularly those of the family of the MCPs, on the anorexia-cachexie bound to the cancer, iii) the correlation enters their profile of expression plasmatique and the severity of the anorexia, the energy metabolism and the physical composition; iv) the same research on the other inflammatory factors plasmatiques, of nature different from chimiokines; v) the correlation between thin mass and anorexia; vi) the evolution of the chimiokines various and inflammatory factors after surgical treatment or chemotherapy with curative aim in 6 months.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02830620

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