Last updated on February 2018

Impact of Adrenoreceptor Expressions on Inflammatory Pattern in Refractory Cardiogenic Shock Under VA ECMO

Brief description of study

Refractory cardiogenic shock is characterized by a decreased in cardiac output with hypo-responsiveness to increasing doses of catecholamines resulting in a profound tissular ischemia. VAECMO, by restoring a circulatory flow, could be associated to a major reperfusion syndrome which may lead some patients to multiple organ failures and death. Pathophysiology of this syndrome includes 1/an hyper-adrenergic state secondary to the over activation of the sympathetic system and 2/ a major release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. As adrenoreceptors are also exhibited on immunes cells, the pro-inflammatory state might be enhanced by the over-activation of the sympathetic system.

Detailed Study Description

NB : A repartition according to other ongoing study (HYPOECMO NCTNCT02754193) is planned

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03327493

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