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BHLEX analysis for all modality atrial fibrillation ablation for safety and efficacy – AFIB Registry

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BHLEX analysis for all modality atrial fibrillation ablation for safety and efficacy – AFIB Registry

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Atrial fibrillation affects approximately 2 million Americans according to the American Heart Association. This patient population comprises a substantial portion of patients seen at Baptist Health Lexington. Means of treatment includes pharmacological therapy for controlling both the rate and rhythm. In many cases, also anticoagulants are also necessary to prevent against thrombolytic events and stroke. These medications have inherent side effects that often impinge on patient quality of life. Often they are not enough to adequately control atrial fibrillation.

Another mode of treatment is ablation of the left atrium and/or pulmonary veins. Modalities of ablation, most using radio frequency or cryo-ablation technology, continue to evolve as research better identifies the etiologies associated with all categories of atrial fibrillation. Recurrence of atrial fibrillation is high among this patient population. Sources vary with mixed success reported between 50-70%.

Tracking the BHLEX atrial fibrillation ablation patient experience will offer data on percentage of successes and recurrences for various modalities, such as pulmonary vein isolation (PVA), Topera - Focal Impulse Rotor Modulation (Narayan, et al), nMARQ, simultaneous multiple site ablation (Biosense Webster, Inc.), and other modalities as they are used at this facility. By analysis of successes and recurrences associated with each modality, we may learn which procedure facilitates the best results according to patient population and AF category. We may closely follow adverse events peri- and post- procedure, in order to improve patient outcomes.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX143984

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