Last updated on February 2015

Preserving Beta-Cell Function with Tocilizumab in New Onset Type 1 Diabetes (the EXTEND Study)

Brief description of study

Preserving Beta-Cell Function with Tocilizumab in New Onset Type 1 Diabetes (the EXTEND Study)

Detailed Study Description

The healthy insulin-producing beta cells that you have left when you are first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are precious. The aim of the EXTEND Study is to test whether a therapy called tocilizumab (Actemra®) can stop the immune system from attacking these remaining beta cells and possibly extend the ability to naturally produce insulin. Currently there are no approved treatments that are able to do this.

Participants in the EXTEND study will be randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group will be given the study drug, tocilizumab, and the other group will receive an inactive substance made to look like the study drug, called a placebo.

Tocilizumab or placebo will be given once every 4 weeks over a 24 week period. There will be a total of 7 intravenous infusions with four additional follow-up visits during the next 18 months. Total study time is 2 years.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX140078


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Megan Broadbent

Sanford Research
Sioux Falls, SD USA
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Megan Hildinger

Indiana University, Riley Hospital for Children
Indianapolis, IN USA
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Sarah Pollak

Columbia University, Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center
New York, NY USA
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Anne Brown

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN USA
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Marli McCulloch-Olson

Benaroya Research Institute (BRI)
Seattle, WA USA
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Gienna Auerback

University of California, San Francisco<br /> UCSF Mission Hall
San Francisco, CA USA
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Jamie Thomas

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL USA
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Danielle Henson

University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA
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Trudy Esrey

Stanford University
Stanford, CA USA
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Nora Bryant

Joslin Diabetes Center
Boston, MA USA
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Janice Leschyshyn

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA
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Della Matheson

University of Miami
Miami, FL USA
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Lauren Ziemian

UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX USA
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Linda Rink

Yale University
New Haven, CT USA
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Sooji Lee

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA USA
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Joanne Cabbage

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA USA
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Jami Wierson

Children’s Mercy Hospital
Kansas City, MO USA
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Marla Inducil

BC Diabetes (Canada)
Vancouver, XX Canada
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