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HUD - Wingspan

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HUD - Wingspan

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Humanitarian Use Device - Intracranial artery stenosis - The WingspanTM Stent System and GatewayTM PTA Balloon Catheter have been developed for the treatment of intracranial artery stenosis.

Patient Inclusion Criteria: Adults > 40 years old with symptomatic stenosis of one of those intracranial arteries: Internal carotid artery (ICA ), M1 segment of the MCA, V4 segment of vertebral artery, basilar artery. As well as a modified Rankin Score of = 3 and a target vessel diameter between 2mm and = 4.5mm with length of the target lesion of = 14 mm.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX135542

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Laszlo Miskolczi, MD

Holy Cross Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Research Institute
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
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