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Do you Have Type 2 Diabetes? We are enrolling adult volunteers now.

Brief description of study

Do you Have Type 2 Diabetes? We are enrolling adult volunteers now.

Detailed Study Description

Help us explore pathways to diabetes management. If you have type 2 diabetes, find out if you qualify for a clinical research study of an investigational oral diabetes medication. You may be eligible if:

  • You have a confirmed diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and
  • You are age 30 or older and have had a heart attack or stroke, or other heart or vascular problem
  • OR
  • You are age 50 or older and you have been told by your doctor that you are at high risk for heart disease
If eligible to participate, you will be seen by a study doctor and receive study-related testing and study medication at no cost. Once enrolled, you may be reimbursed for parking and travel expenses.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Patients must have a diagnosis of T2DM and a history of or a high risk for CV disease
  • Patients must have inadequate diabetes control (as defined by HbA1c greater than or equal to 7.0% to less than or equal to 10.5% at screening) and be either (1) not currently on diabetes drug therapy or (2) on therapy with any approved class of diabetes drugs

Exclusion Criteria:

  • A history of diabetic ketoacidosis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, pancreas or beta-cell transplantation, or diabetes secondary to pancreatitis or pancreatectomy
  • History of one or more severe hypoglycemic (ie, very low blood sugar) episode within 6 months before screening

Clinical Study Identifier: TX134961


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