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Adults with Celiac Disease CO 3920-0001 San Antonio - Texas

Brief description of study

Adults with Celiac Disease CO 3920-0001 San Antonio - Texas

Detailed Study Description

ICON Early Phase Services is conducting a research study for adults with celiac disease within the age range of 18-65. This study is being done to test the dosing level of an investigational drug for the treatment of celiac disease. The study drug will be administered by IV infusion.

Vital signs, ECGs, physical examinations, Holter monitoring and pregnancy, drug and alcohol screens will be performed. Blood and urine samples will also be obtained during this study. Please note that fingernail polish and fake nails are not allowed due to oximetry testing.

Participants in Part A will complete:
  • 1 screening visit
  • 3 consecutive overnights
  • 4 outpatient visits
  • 7 phone calls

To determine if you fully qualify, it will be necessary to obtain blood samples after a 10-hour fast. You have the option of fasting for the screening appointment, or, you may return at a later date. You may need to provide medical records to participate in this study. For more information, see below.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX133365

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ICON Early Phase Services/CRU
San Antonio, TX USA