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Study Comparing Ticagrelor With Aspirin for Prevention of Vascular Events in Patients Undergoing CABG

Brief description of study

The primary objective of this study ist to test the hypothesis that ticagrelor is superior to Aspirin (ASA) fort he prevention of major cardio- and cerebrovascular events (MACCE) in patients undergoing artery bypass operation.

The primary efficiacy MACCE-endpoint is the composite of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, recurent revascularisation, and stroke at twelve month after coronary artery bypass operation.

Detailed Study Description

For stable patients who underwent coronary bypass operation, Aspirin alone currently represents the gold standard of antiplatelet treatment.

The CABG substudy of the PLATO-trial ( comprising more than 1200 patients has convincingly shown a high significant reduction of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality for patients recieving Aspirin and Ticagrelor as compared to those subjects randomized to Aspirin plus Clopidogrel. Moreover the results of the PLATO CABG substudy showed that benefits of Ticagrelor increase with decreasing Aspirin doses. Therefore Ticagrelor monotherapy (2x 90mg/day) appears to offer the best balance of safety with anticipated improved efficacy over Aspirin (1x 100mg/day) alone, but until now there are no further data available to support this hypothesis.

Hence this study (TiCAB) is assigned as a pivotal efficacy and safety study of Ticagrelor in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass operation and to test the hypothesis that ticagrelor is superior to Aspirin for the prevention of major cardio- and cerebrovascular events (MACCE) in this patient population.

The TiCAB trial is designed as a randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group, phase III, multicenter study, comparing the efficacy and safety of Ticagrelor 90mg administered twice daily with Aspirin 100mg once daily, for the prevention of MACCE within the first year after CABG operation.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01755520

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Sigird Sandner, MD

Medizinische Universit t Wien
Vienna, Austria

Heribert Schunkert, MD

Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen
Wels, Austria

Heribert Schunkert, MD

Deutsches Herzzentrum M nchen
Munich, Germany

Johannes Albes, MD

Herzzentrum Brandenburg in Bernau
Bernau bei Berlin, Germany

Ardawan Julian Rastan, MD

Herz- und Kreislaufzentrum Rothenburg an der Fulda
Rothenburg an der Fulda, Germany

Tim Sandhaus, MD

Universit tsklinikum Jena
Jena, Germany

Rüdiger Autschbach, MD

Universit tsklinikum Aachen
Aachen, Germany

Gerhard Wimmer-Greinecker, MD

Herz- und Gef zentrum
Bad Bevensen, Germany

Thomas Walther, MD

Kerckhoff-Klinik GmbH
Bad Nauheim, Germany

Herko Grubitzsch, MD

Charit Universit tsmedizin Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Christoph Knossalla, MD

Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Rainer Hambrecht, MD

Gesundheit Nord gGmbH, Klinikum Links der Weser gGmbH
Bremen, Germany

Jürgen Krülls-Münch, MD

Sana Herzzentrum Cottbus GmbH
Cottbus, Germany

Christian Schlundt, MD

Universit tsklinikum Erlangen
Erlangen, Germany

Heribert Schunkert, MD

St. Antonius Hospital
Eschweiler, Germany

Matthias Siepe, MD

Universit ts-Herzzentrum Freiburg / Bad Krozingen
Freiburg, Germany

Martin Oberhoffer, MD

Asklepios Klinik St.Georg
Hamburg, Germany

Lenard Conradi, MD

Universit res Herzzentrum Hamburg GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Tim Attmann, MD

Universit tsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel
Kiel, Germany

Martin Misfeld, MD

Herzzentrum Leipzig GmbH
Leipzig, Germany

Uwe Zeymer, MD

Klinikum Ludwigshafen
Ludwigshafen, Germany

Ardawan Rastan, MD

Herz- und Kreislaufzentrum Rotenburg a .d. Fulda
Rotenburg a .d. Fulda, Germany

Ivar Friedrich, MD

Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Br der Trier
Trier, Germany

Lars Englberger, MD

Schweizer Herz- und Gef sschirurgie
Bern, Switzerland

Heribert Schunkert, MD

Universit tsklinikum D sseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany

Andreas Böning, MD

Universit tsklinikum Gie en
Gießen, Germany

Bernd Danner, MD

Universit tsmedizin G ttingen
Göttingen, Germany

Alexander Joost, MD

Universit tsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Campus L beck
Lübeck, Germany

Heribert Schunkert, MD

Kliniken Maria Hilf GmbH
Mönchengladbach, Germany

Theodor Fischlein, MD

Klinikum N rnberg S d
Nürnberg, Germany