Last updated on August 2018

Lyme Test Indication Combinations (LyTIC) Study

Brief description of study

To establish performance of individual tests and combinations of tests (serological, molecular and cellular tests) in early Lyme infection diagnosis

Detailed Study Description

The present study aims to investigate the performance characteristics of both established and new assays for Borrelia burgdorferi infection and to assess the relative performance of appropriate combinations of these tests. The study will also investigate the effect of the time course of the infection and its treatment on the outcomes for the various tests. Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR), serology and T cell based tests will be performed. In addition, tests for Babesia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia and Rickettsia will also be performed as these pathogens can be carried by the same tick that carries Borrelia and may result in coinfection.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03201042

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Robert Spitz, MD

Coastal Connecticut Research
New London, CT United States
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Kevin Plancher, MD

Orthopaedic Foundation for Active Lifestyles, Inc
Stamford, CT United States
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Wilfrido Benitez, MD

Eastern Research, Inc.
Hialeah, FL United States
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Adonis Maiquez, MD

South Coast Research Center
Miami, FL United States
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Corey Huffine, MD

Advance Clinical Research
Meridian, ID United States
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Marie Albert, MD

Acadia Clinical Research
Bangor, ME United States
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Sean McCloy, MD

Integrative Health Center of Maine
Portland, ME United States
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Steve Geller, MD

Centennial Medical Group
Eldridge, MD United States
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Mary Howell, MD

Klein & Associates, MD, PA
Hagerstown, MD United States
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Stephen Ong, MD

MD Medical Research, Inc.
Oxon Hill, MD United States
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Shishir Khetan, MD

Rockville Internal Medicine Group
Rockville, MD United States
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Ehab Sorial, MD

NECCR Primacare Research,LLC
Fall River, MA United States
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Pat Cahill, MD

Cape Cod Hospital
Hyannis, MA United States
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Tushar Patel, MD

Metromedic Walk In
New Bedford, MA United States
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Claudia Martorell, MD

The Research Institute
Springfield, MA United States
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Nate Cordeiro, MD

NECCR Primacare Research, LLC
Westford, MA United States
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Charles Birbara, MD

Clinical Pharmacology Study Group
Worcester, MA United States
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Jay sandberg, MD

Oakland Medical Research
Troy, MI United States
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Mark Halstrom, MD

Pinnacle Research
Sartell, MN United States
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Andrea Gaito, MD

Andrea Gaito
Basking Ridge, NJ United States
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Max Deshaw, MD

MAffiliated Medical Associates
Florham Park, NJ United States
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Ilya Kleyns, MD

Modern Medical
Brooklyn, NY United States
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Johnathan Liebowitz, MD

Private Practice-Johnathan Liebowitz
Brooklyn, NY United States
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Victoria Katz, MD

NY Arthritis Clinic
Brooklyn, NY United States
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James Holler, MD

Regional Clinical Research, Inc.
Endwell, NY United States
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David Hurwitz, MD

Private Practice-David Wurwitz
Flushing, NY United States
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Sashi Makam, MD

Mid Hudson Medical Research
Newburgh, NY United States
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Alan Kaell, MD

John T. Mather Hospital
Port Jefferson, NY United States
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Robert Florea, MD

Buckeye Health and Research
Columbus, OH United States
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Syed M. Rehman, MD

Toledo Institute of Clinical Research
Toledo, OH United States
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Keith Harrison, MD

Bally Medical Group
Barto, PA United States
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Kenneth Bingener, MD

Boyertown Medical Assoc.
Boyertown, PA United States
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Paul Doghramji, MD

Collegeville Family Practice
Collegeville, PA United States
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Lawrence Alwine, MD

Brandywine Clinic
Downingtown, PA United States
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Alan Kivitz, MD

Altoona Center for Clinical Research
Duncansville, PA United States
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Steven Shapiro, MD

Pediatric Medical Associates of NTN/ABG
East Norriton, PA United States
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Robert Detweiler, MD

Detweiler Family Practice
Lansdale, PA United States
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Jack Rosenfeld, MD

Green and Seidner Family Practice
Lansdale, PA United States
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Shivkumar Hatti, MD

Suburban Research Assoc.
Media, PA United States
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Gregory Giamo, MD

Brookside Family Practice and Pediatrics
Pottstown, PA United States
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Wade Brosius, MD

Spring-Ford Family Practice
Royersford, PA United States
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Ronald Gilman, MD

Safe Harbor Clinical Research
East Providence, RI United States
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Scott Wilson, MD

Ocean State Clinical Research
Lincoln, RI United States
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Stephen Butler, MD

NECCR Primacare Research, LLC
Portsmouth, RI United States
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Richard Martinez, MD

Atascosa Clinical Trial
Lytle, TX United States
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Roger Giroux, MD

Brookside Family Health Care
Hinesburg, VT United States
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Maria Natividad, MD

Millennium Clincial Trials
Arlington, VA United States
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Nashwa Gabra, MD

Burke Internal Medicine
Burke, VA United States
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Kappa Meadows, MD

The Education and Research Foundation, Inc.
Lynchburg, VA United States
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Nabil Andrawis, MD

Manassas Clinical Research Center
Manassas, VA United States
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Ward Paine, MD

Exemplar Research
Morgantown, WV United States
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Jeff Bruner, MD

Asthma and Allergy Institute of MI
Clinton Township, MI United States
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Jamshid Saleh, MD

Paradigm Clinical Research
Redding, CA United States
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David Rubin, MD

Circle CARE Center
Norwalk, CT United States
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Henry Childers, MD

Delaware Integrated Medicine
Georgetown, DE United States
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Carlito Arrogante, MD

South Florida Clinical Trials SFCT, A member of the Alliance, Inc.
Hialeah, FL United States
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Andrew Garner, MD

Adirondack Medical Research Center
Glens Falls, NY United States
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Scott Bloom, MD

NYCT, A member of Alliance, Inc.
New York, NY United States
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Toby Briskin

Rapid Medical Research
Cleveland, OH United States
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Bradley Fox, MD

Liberty Family Practice/Square 1
Erie, PA United States
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