Last updated on May 2018

Vistusertib (AZD2014) For Recurrent Grade II-III Meningiomas

Brief description of study

This research study is studying a chemotherapy as a possible treatment for Meningiomas (recurrent).

The study intervention involved in this study is:

--AZD2014 (vistusertib)

Detailed Study Description

This research study is a Phase II clinical trial. Phase II clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of an investigational intervention to learn whether the intervention works in treating a specific disease. "Investigational" means that the intervention is being studied.

The FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has not approved AZD2014 as a treatment for any disease.

The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if the study drug AZD2014 can shrink or slow the growth of meningioma. Based on laboratory research, the cellular pathways which are blocked by AZD2014 are important for the growth and survival of meningiomas. Further, treatment of meningioma cells in the laboratory has resulted in decreased survival of tumor cells. As such, the purpose of this research is to see whether treating recurrent grade 2-3 meningioma with AZD2014 will result in tumor size stabilization or shrinkage. The safety of AZD2014 will also be studied. The physical state, the symptoms, changes in the size of the tumor, and laboratory findings obtained while on-study will help the research team decide if AZD2014 is safe and effective in participants with this condition.

AZD2014 is being studied in patients with various cancers as a single agent (a drug that is used alone to treat the cancer) or in combination with a number of well known anticancer therapies. Previous studies have also allowed investigators to determine the best dose and frequency of AZD2014 to achieve anti-tumor effects while reducing the likelihood of side effects.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03071874

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Priya Kumthekar, MD

Northwestern University
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Scott R. Plotkin, MD, PhD

Massachusetts general Hospital
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Patrick Wen, MD

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
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