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A Study of the Efficacy Safety and Tolerability of Chronocort in Treating CAH

Brief description of study

Subjects completing study DIUR-005 and those who have already completed study DIUR-003 will be offered the opportunity either to continue Chronocort® therapy or to switch from their current glucocorticoid therapy to Chronocort® in this open-label study.

Detailed Study Description

All subjects will have a screening visit prior to the baseline assessment to allow DIUR-006 procedures to be fully explained and informed consent to be given by the subject. For subjects from DIUR-003 this screening visit will include safety blood tests. Any subjects not meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria following these blood tests will be not be entered into the study. All subjects will then return for the baseline visit. For subjects entering from study DIUR-003 the full set of baseline assessments will be completed, including 2 blood samples (one at 09:00 and one at 13:00 hours) for 17-OHP and A4. For subjects entering from DIUR-005, test results from their last visit in the feeder study (Visit 4) will be used for this baseline assessment, with the 09:00 and 13:00 hour results taken from the 24-hour hormone profiles conducted at the visit. Any subjects not meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria following these blood tests will be withdrawn from this study. Once the baseline assessments are completed, the subjects will be given sufficient Chronocort® to use until the next visit at Week 4. Subjects from study DIUR-005 who were previously on Chronocort® will continue on the same dose of Chronocort® that they were receiving at the end of the feeder study. Subjects from study DIUR-005 on standard therapy and subjects from study DIUR-003 will have their initial dose of Chronocort® determined using the hydrocortisone equivalent of baseline therapy. All subjects will return to the study centre at 4, 12 and 24 weeks after starting study DIUR-006 for additional blood tests and dose titration, if necessary. Visits thereafter will take place at 6-monthly intervals. If there is a change of dose, an interim visit will be needed inbetween the 6-monthly visits. All subjects will receive telephone calls at 3 monthly intervals, and unscheduled visits will be arranged if necessary. Subjects will also be provided with Chronocort® supplies from the study pharmacy at 3-monthly intervals.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03062280


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Deborah P Merke, BS MS ...

National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
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