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Lanreotide in the Treatment of Small Bowel Motility Disorders

Brief description of study

This is a human research study looking at the effectiveness of Lanreotide (study medication) in treating small bowel motility disorders. It is similar to a natural hormone somatostatin that is produced in the body in the stomach, duodenum, pancreas and brain. Somatostatin is a growth hormone-inhibiting hormone. Lanreotide is a man made hormone and is a long acting medication that is given once a month. It is marketed with a trade name "Somatuline Depot". It is given deep subcutaneously (deep within the layers of the skin) in the superior external quadrant of the buttock. Injection site will be alternated on subsequent injections.

Detailed Study Description

The investigators hypothesize that in patients with small bowel motility disorders, Lanreotide helps in alleviating the symptoms. Lanreotide is an FDA approved medication for management of acromegaly and neuroendocrine tumors, but has never been used for treating small bowel motility disorders. However, Octreotide which is similar to Lanreotide but is a short acting synthetic somatostatin has been used in few research studies.

If a patient is interested and qualifies for the study then he/she will be explained about the study and signature will be collected on the consent form. Health and social history will be collected. Blood work, urine analysis, pregnancy test (in women of reproductive age group and have the capability of getting pregnant)) will be performed to make sure that patient qualifies for the study and for follow-up during the treatment. Physical examination, ECG, wireless motility capsule testing and hydrogen breath testing will be performed. Patients will be required to complete a questionnaire regarding their health.

The total study duration from the first administration of study drug is 12 weeks. The study medication will be given once a month for 3 months and there is a 1 month follow-up after the last study medication. There will be a screening visit approximately 1 month before the first study drug administration.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03012594

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