Last updated on May 2018

Study Assessing the Safety Immunogenicity and Dose Response of VLA15 A New Vaccine Candidate Against Lyme Borreliosis

Brief description of study

Observer-blind, partially randomized, multi-center dose escalation Phase I study in healthy adults below 40 years of age. 180 subjects will be enrolled in 6 treatment groups (different doses; different formulation: with/without adjuvant); vaccinations will be given I.M.(intramuscular) into the deltoid region on Days 0, 28 and 56. Study participants will be followed up until one year after first vaccination.

Detailed Study Description

This is an observer-blind, partially randomized, multi-center dose escalation Phase I study which aims to assess the safety, immunogenicity and dose response of VLA15 in healthy adults aged below 40 years. Overall 180 subjects will be enrolled in 6 treatment groups: VLA15 12µg with and w/o (without) Alum, VLA15 48µg with and w/o Alum, VLA15 90µg with and w/o Alum. For the first 24 subjects, the study will be open-label and subjects will not be randomized but included into a staggered dose escalation scheme for safety precaution. Thereafter, the study will be conducted observer-blind in respect to the investigators and site staff involved in clinical evaluation of subjects, subjects will be blinded as well. Remaining 156 subjects will be randomized into the 6 treatment groups. I.M. vaccinations are administered on Days 0, 28 and 56 into deltoid region of the non-dominant arm. The study will investigate the safety and tolerability as well as immunogenicity of VLA15. The primary objective addresses safety and tolerability of the vaccine up to three months after enrollment, i.e. 84 days after first vaccination. The study includes 1 screening visit and 8 outpatient visits from day 0 through day 365. In addition, safety phone calls will be performed.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03010228

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Paul Manos, MD

eStudy Site
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Darra Hargrave, BA, LPN

Celerion Inc.
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University Hospital Ghent
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