Last updated on February 2018

Outcome Prediction in Cochlear Implant Recipients

Brief description of study

The ability to predict post-operative outcomes after implantation is important for a number of reasons, including being able to advise candidates of appropriate expectations using evidence based guidance. The approved study involves investigation of the ability to predict outcomes in the implanted ear alone and in the best-aided binaural listening conditions, examining a number of measured factors both pre-, peri- and post-operatively. The study incorporates a range of functional outcome measures through questionnaires to ascertain social, functional and demographic factors that may be predictive of outcomes. Questionnaires are also administered to determine the degree of benefit obtained after implantation for each individual, since this forms a key component of providing pre-operative counselling to candidates.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02984748

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Robert Cowan, PhD, MBA

Melbourne, Australia
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