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Beat AML Core Study

Brief description of study

In this study, DNA sequencing, computational biology modeling, and ex vivo drug sensitivity assays will be utilized to define clinically relevant gene mutations and identify potential therapeutics for patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Detailed Study Description

As part of normal clinical care, patients will undergo a peripheral blood draw and bone marrow aspiration & biopsy. Blood draws and bone marrow aspirations are performed at the time of diagnosis, after treatments , disease progression, and relapse. Under normal clinical care, patient specimens are analyzed by cytogenetics (giemsa staining), fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), and gene mutation profiling. Clinically, treatment can begin before these molecular diagnostics are available.

As part of this repository study, subjects are asked to:

  • Allow access to banked blood and bone marrow specimens in IRB approved protocol # 532-2012.
  • Donate peripheral blood specimens whenever blood is already being drawn for clinical purposes such as at times of diagnosis, relapse, refractory disease or disease progression. Additional samples may be requested at other standard of care visits in the event that initial samples are not viable for DNA sequencing, phenotyping, or functional assays for patients with AML, if disease is present.
  • Donate bone marrow aspirate specimens whenever bone marrow aspiration is already being done for clinical purposes such as at times of diagnosis, relapse, refractory disease or disease progression. If bone marrow aspirate is being collected for banking protocol #532-2012, then an aliquot of the banked specimen will be accessed rather than collect an additional bone marrow aspirate for this study.
  • Undergo skin biopsy and donate the skin biopsy specimen for genomic profiling.
  • Allow bone marrow, peripheral blood and skin biopsy specimens to be collected for genomic profiling and ex vivo drug sensitivity testing.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02927106

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