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Clinical trial for People with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Brief description of study

Clinical trial for People with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Detailed Study Description

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People with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) often require combinations of different therapies to treat their CLL. The drug obinutuzumab combined with the chemotherapy drug chlorambucil is an approved therapy for the treatment of CLL, however it may not be effective for all patients. The combination of two investigational drugs, Ublituximab and TGR-1202, may be effective as a new treatment for CLL. This study is evaluating whether the new combination results in better outcomes for patients with CLL, inclu

Clinical Study Identifier: TX10242

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Jackob Szwedo

Highlands Oncology Group
Fayetteville, AR USA
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New York, NY USA
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Demmie Aguilar

Regional Cancer Care Assoc
Somerville, NJ USA
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Anderson Black

Rex Cancer Center of Wakefield
Raleigh, NC USA
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Linley Brown

Rex Cancer Center
Raleigh, NC USA
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Lauren Tsuji

Valley Medical Oncology Consultants
Pleasanton, CA USA
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Alecia Bachman

Illinois Cancer Care, P.C.
Peoria, IL USA
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Susie Kinsella

Northern Utah Associates
Ogden, UT USA
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Astrid Corrales Cruz

21st Century Oncology
Jacksonville, FL USA
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Jenni Bachhofer

Cancer Specialists of N. Florida
Jacksonville, FL USA
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Kathy Cutter

Clearview Cancer Center
Huntsville, AL USA
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Michelle Mackenzie

Hematology Oncology Assoc of Northern NJ
Morristown, NJ USA
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Sharon Hill

Carolina Oncology Specialists, PA
Hickory, NC USA
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Jaime Chang

Marin Cancer Center
Greenbrae, CA USA
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Beth Brundage

C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glen Falls Hospital
Glen Falls, NY USA
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Rebecca Hudson

Maryland Onc Hem
Columbia, MD USA
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Reneé Kessler

Andrews and Patel Associates, PC
Camp Hill, PA USA
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Jamie East

Central Georgia Cancer Care P.C.
Macon, GA USA
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Natasha Holt

Blue Ridge Cancer Care (Onc and Hem assoc of SW VA)
Roanoke, VA USA
  Connect »

Christine DiSilvestre

The center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Bethesda, MD USA
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Sylvie Godbout

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Lynn Cancer Institute
Boca Raton, FL USA
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Susan Papenfuse

Northwest cancer Specialist
Vancouver, WA USA
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Jen Jensen

PCR Oncology
Pismo Beach, CA USA
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Tami Mason

Oncology Associates at Mercy Medical Center
Cedar Rapids, IA USA
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Carrie Smith

Gabrail Cancer Center
Canton, OH USA
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Kylie Boyhen

St. Vincent's Medical Center
Bridgeport, CT USA
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Rose Miller

Cancer Care Northwest
Spokane, WA USA
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Candice Toombs

Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center
Lincoln, NE USA
  Connect »

Elizabeth Franks

Portland, OR USA
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Sally Ware

Levine Cancer Institute
Charlotte, NC USA
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Caitlin Rooke

Tufts Medical Center
Boston, MA USA
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Patty Wright

Florida Cancer Specialists- Pan
Tallahassee, FL USA
  Connect »

Roy Maya

Swedish Cancer Institute
Edmonds, WA USA
  Connect »

Kirsten Bettino

Innovative Clinical Research
Whittier, CA USA
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Neil Bailey

Swedish Cancer Institute
Seattle, WA USA
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Dana Hatcraft

Norton Cancer Institute
Louisville, KY USA
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Gina Norris

Greenville Health System
Greeneville, SC USA
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Jennifer Boese

Fort Wayne Med Onc and Hem
Fort Wayne, IN USA
  Connect »

Donna Bui

City of Hope
Duarte, CA USA
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Lisa Frick

Ironwood Cancer & Research Center
Chandler, AZ USA
  Connect »

Jennifer Feeback

Research Medical Center
Kansas City, MO USA
  Connect »

Darby Suess

Florida Cancer Specialists- North
St. Petersburg, FL USA
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Tiffany Cardona

Tennessee Oncology- Nashville
Nashville, TN USA
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Andrea Ruhsam

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA USA
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Jennifer Bar-Nur

Florida Cancer Specialists- East
West Palm Beach, FL USA
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Izel van der Merwe

Franciscan St. Francis Health
Indianapolis, IN USA
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Darcy Raethz

Prairie Lakes Health Care System, Inc
Watertown, SD USA
  Connect »

Candace LeBlanc

Reliant Medical Group
Worcester, MA USA
  Connect »

Triny Cooper

Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV USA
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Brian Franklin

Center for Cancer Blood Disorders
Fort Worth, TX USA
  Connect »

Kim Tucker

Tennessee Oncology-Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN USA
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Juli Murphy

Colorado Blood Cancer Institute 1721 East 19th Avenue, suite 300 Denver Colorado
Denver, CO USA
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Lynn Bentz

Florida Cancer Specialists- South
Fort Myers, FL USA
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Pauline Mbuvi

Carle Cancer Center
Urbana, IL USA
  Connect »

Laura Gibson

Allegheny Health Network Research Institute
Pittsburgh, PA USA
  Connect »

Tiffany Pearce

Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, MI USA
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Sue Murdock

The Stamford Hospital
Stamford, CT USA
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Jan De Bartolo and Carla ...

Aurora Research Institute
Wauwatosa, WI USA
  Connect »

Eric Zhang

Vista Oncology INC PS
Olympia, WA USA
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Jan De Bartolo and Carla ...

Aurora Research Institute
Green Bay, WI USA
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