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CenterWatch is recognized by many of the top media outlets and publications around the world as a leading source of information on the clinical trials industry. Our data, statistics, and various services are regularly cited and referenced in articles on the subject. Following are some of the articles in which CenterWatch has been mentioned.


ABC News Chicago, November 27, 2008

Special Segment: Hoping for a Breakthrough

According to CenterWatch, trials happen in phases. Phase one uses a small group of, perhaps, 20 people. Researchers evaluate safety, dosage and side effects.

CenterWatch reports that, on average, 20 drugs make it from the clinical trial to the pharmacy each year.


ACRP Wire, June, 11, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Best CRO of All?

Medpace, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, announces that it has been named the 2009 Top Clinical Research Organization (CRO) by CenterWatch in the publication's 2009 industry-wide U.S. investigator site survey. The survey was administered to 22,500 sites and received responses from 950. In total, 11 CROs were named in the study.


Applied Clinical Trials, November 2010

2010 Salary & Satisfaction Survey

Applied Clinical Trials collaborated with CenterWatch, an information services leader in the clinical trials industry, to broaden the audience of the survey; develop a more robust survey instrument; and bring its wealth of research and analysis of the industry to bear on the results.


Bio-IT World, February 21, 2012

Budget Woes Stall Clinical Trials and Stymie Sites

In addition to its late appearance during study start-up, there are a host of other budgeting and contracting challenges, all of which make this step a notorious bottleneck in clinical trials. According to a CenterWatch survey, budgeting and contracting remains the top cause of study delay. Of 950 participating investigative sites, 49% of respondents pegged contract and budget negotiation and approval as a key factor in study delay, more than any other activity, edging out patient recruitment, which scored 41%.


Bio-IT, June 14, 2011

IntraLinks Survey Highlights Need for e-Clinical Document Exchange Tools

The IntraLinks Global Investigator Site Survey, which was conducted online by CenterWatch, examined what methods are currently used for clinical trial document exchange, and the effectiveness of those methods. The majority of the 598 responses to the survey were clinical research coordinators, investigators and subinvestigators. 70% are based in North America, 21% Europe and 9% Asia.


Bio-IT World, July 13, 2010

DIA 2010—Innovation, Issues-Driven, Upbeat

Significantly, despite, all of the e-improvements, CenterWatch reported in a 2009 study that less than 10% of clinical trials are completed on time. Additional research from CenterWatch indicated that 70% of investigative sites are more than one month behind in enrollment, and only 7% of sites report meeting enrollment timelines.


BioSpace, February 4, 2016

The Center For Information And Study On Clinical Research Participation Release: Announcing 5k Run & Walk Event To Recognize All Clinical Trial Volunteers

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP), an independent non-profit organization, and CenterWatch, a leading publisher of clinical trials information, are excited to announce the upcoming Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K Run & Walk in Atlanta to celebrate the volunteers who give the gift of participation in clinical research and to raise awareness about the importance of clinical research in advancing public health.


The Boston Globe, April 7, 2008

Drug Makers Turning to Nonprofits for Cash

Overall, disease foundations invested roughly $75 million in the biotech industry last year, up from $7 million in 2000, according to CenterWatch Monthly, an industry publication.


Business Wire, June 11, 2010

PPD Rated One of Top CROs in Europe in 2010

PPD, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPDI) today announced it has been rated one of Europe's top contract research organizations (CROs) in the 2010 CenterWatch European Site Survey. The company earned a number two ranking among CROs with 78.4 percent of participants rating PPD's overall relationship quality as "excellent" or "good."

The survey is conducted by CenterWatch, a leading publishing and information services company focused on the clinical trials industry. The European survey is conducted every two years and includes input from clinical research professionals at biopharmaceutical companies, CROs and investigative sites.


Business Wire, December 14, 2009

Quintiles Honored as CRO of the Year at 2009 SCRIP Award

Quintiles has been named CRO of the Year by the prestigious SCRIP Awards. The panel of judges highlighted Quintiles' breadth of services and its outstanding relationships with clients.

Results from the fourth annual "CRO Industry Update," an independent survey of executives at pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducted by William Blair & Company in conjunction with CenterWatch, cited Quintiles as the most frequently mentioned favorite CRO. For "Preferred CRO Ranking by Quality," Quintiles was rated number one, with three times as many votes as the second place competitor.


Business Wire, August 24, 2009

Prominent Pharmaceutical Industry Journalist to Keynote at KIKA Clinical Solutions U.S. User Group Meeting

KIKA Clinical Solutions announced that Sara Gambrill, Senior Editor of CenterWatch, will be a keynote speaker at KIKA's U.S. User Group Meeting. KIKA is the leading provider of advanced EDC solutions for clinical trials, and creators of the Veracity" Web-based platform for Clinical Asset Management. The User Group Meeting will take place October 21 and 22 in Boston.

Sara Gambrill is a highly respected and sought-after speaker in the pharmaceutical arena. She writes insightful feature stories about international and domestic clinical research industry trends regularly for The CenterWatch Monthly and CWWeekly. Ms. Gambrill has also written special reports about various clinical research market regions.


Contra Costa Times, October 14, 2008

Technology Would Test Toxicity of New Drugs

About 50,000 clinical trials take place at any given time in the United States, according to CenterWatch, a group that monitors research in the United States. Scientists and researchers rely on volunteers to participate in clinical trials before a drug receives approval from the Food and Drug Administration.


Des Moines Register, October 16, 2012

Iowa Patients Participate in Clinical Trials

Finding patients can be difficult, however, as shown by a report issued by CenterWatch, a clinical trial specialty organization. The group showed that 70 percent of all trials nationwide have difficulty recruiting patients. Many patients don’t know about the trials.


EXPRESS Pharma, September 2008

Reducing Patient Dropouts

According to a CenterWatch survey of 1050 study volunteers, the most common reason for participation was to find relief (60 percent) followed by an urge to advance science (23 percent), to earn extra money (11 percent), and to receive better medical care (six percent). Almost 50 percent of trial delays result from patient enrolment problems. 86 percent of all US clinical studies fail to recruit the required number of subjects on time.


FierceCRO, February 16, 2012

Ockham adds international oncology CRO ops in Nexus buyout

Cary, NC-based Ockham has broadened the scope of its oncology CRO network with the acquisition of Nexus Oncology. The deal will swell Ockham's staff to 300 in 12 countries as Nexus founder Clare Wareing moves into the role of chief scientific officer of the combined company. The buyout price was not revealed.

Ockham started out in business some 25 years ago as ASG, a staffing company focused on IT. But according to an article in CenterWatch, ASG wound up snagging the “distressed” Ockham operation and its 60 workers focused on Phase I and II cancer studies back in 2009.


Gazette.Net, August 28, 2009

Biotechs Outsource to Cut Costs

According to CenterWatch, a newsletter that tracks the clinical trials industry, many CROs are on a strong stock and revenue run as pharmaceutical companies continue to outsource more of their clinical trials. Giant CRO Covance of Princeton, N.J., reported second-quarter revenues of $489 million, up from $461 million for the same quarter in 2008. Other major CROs, including Parexel of Boston and Kendle of Cincinnati and Charles River of Wilmington, Mass., are also on a strong growth curve.


Indianapolis Business Journal, August 1, 2009

Lilly software offshoot sells for $11M Economy, funding challenges dash hopes for big returns

Phase Forward, with second-quarter sales of $52.5 million, has been snapping up smaller companies. Recently it announced it would buy the Integrated Voice and Web Response unit of Covance for $10 million.

"What we've been seeing as of late is the acquisition of smaller companies that have built up strength, expertise and products in a particular area by large, global companies that either want to build on their own strengths in that area or enter into it," said Sara Gambrill, senior editor of Boston-based CenterWatch, a top tracker of the clinical trials industry.

"Technology companies in the clinical research space increasingly need to be able to offer to pharma a single platform that will meet all their data collection and management needs globally," she added.


Life Science Leader, February 8, 2011

Miami was warm, but the Pharma R&D Leadership Summit was hot!

At this meeting, speaker/moderator Ken Getz of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (as well as CenterWatch and e-Cliniqua) did a stellar job of keeping the discussions going as well as limiting them to the allotted time — which became even more challenging during a spirited exchange during dinner.


MedCity News, June 14, 2011

Mid-sized CROs perform as good or better than larger ones, survey says

It's a different approach than the one taken by CenterWatch, which released a report last month ranking CROs based on responses from investigator sites. That report ranked Wilmington, North Carolina-based PPD (NYSE:PPDI) as the top CRO, based on investigator responses.


MedCity News, May 2, 2011

PPD is top global CRO in CenterWatch survey; N.C. CROs take 4 of top 10 spots

A North Carolina CRO stands atop the rankings of a major industry survey and it's not Quintiles. PPD (NYSE:PPDI), based in Wilmington, North Carolina, is the top-rated global clinical research organization in the 2011 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Survey. The results are based on survey responses from clinical research site professionals in more than 70 global locations. PPD led all CROs receiving responses of "excellent" or "good" on 84 percent of survey responses.

Image, September 30, 2009

Benefits of SMS for trial recruitment are self-evident, says Axiom

Axiom Accelerated Patient Recruitment hopes its new range of SMS, text messaging, services can help CROs and pharma sponsors reach more potential study participants.

Recruitment and retention are a perennial problem for the trials sector, causing contract research organization (CRO) to continually seek out new ways of reaching and maintaining contact with patients.

In the last few months a number of companies, notably CenterWatch, TrialX, goBalto and Pfizer through its partnership with Private Access, have set up online systems to connect CROs with patients to help address the issue.

Image, August 20, 2009

Pfizer and Private Access team up for trial recruitment website

US drug giant Pfizer has joined the growing list of organisations seeking to boost trial recruitment via the web, teaming up with IT firm Private Access to create a website designed to increase clinical trial awareness and participation.

The website's focus on patients differs from the approach taken by CenterWatch's partnership with TrialX. Under that deal, announced yesterday, CenterWatch has granted TrialX access to its list of current clinical programmes for distribution via the latter firm's suite of web 2.0 solutions.

Image, August 19, 2009

CenterWatch and TrialX hope to boost recruitment via web 2.0

A new partnership between CenterWatch and TrialX may help boost flagging recruitment rates by helping patients more easily and rapidly connect with relevant clinical trials.

Despite efforts to increase the number of participants through greater use of electronic data capture (EDC) and distribution systems, contract research organisations (CRO) continue to identify patient recruitment and retention as the key bottlenecks in the trial process.

While EDC and protocol improvements can help recruitment rates by making it easier for subjects to participate, such measures do not address the need to increase awareness among patients and physicians of precisely which clinical programmes are available.

It is just this issue that the partnership is designed to address. Under the new three-year deal CenterWatch will share its extensive database of clinical trials with health IT specialist TrialX for inclusion on its website.

Image, June 18, 2009

More trial info would boost physician referrals, says CenterWatch

Physicians say a lack of information about candidate drugs often prevents them from referring patients for clinical trials, according to a new survey by sector analysts CenterWatch.

The finding, which is based on responses from 250 physicians across the US, suggests that contract research organisations (CRO) efforts to promote trials do not always hit their targets.

The knock on effect of such delays to recruitment is to prolong trial programmes, cost pharma sponsors more money and, ultimately, mean that new drugs take longer to reach the patient.

CenterWatch's director of market research Mary Jo Lamberti, who will present the full results at the Drug Industry Association (DIA) annual meeting in San Diego next week, gave Outsourcing-pharma an overview of her presentation.

Image, February, 19, 2009

Trial Sites Call for More EDC and Recruitment Investment

Study site operators want greater use of EDC technologies and more pharma industry investment to boost patient recruitment and reduce delays in clinical trials, according to an industry report due to be published next week.

The study, conducted by clinical research industry analysts CenterWatch, was designed to examine the relationship between drug developers and almost 2,000 clinical trial sites worldwide.

Ahead of the report's official unveiling at the upcoming ExL Pharma's Investigator Relationship Management conference, lead author Mary Jo Lamberti, director of CenterWatch's market research unit, told Outsourcing-pharma about some of the trends that had emerged.

Dr. Lamberti explained that, in addition to improved use of electronic data capture (EDC) and recruitment resources, the trial sites called for simpler study protocols requiring fewer amendments as well as greater flexibility on budgets and any modifications that must made.

In the globalised drug market, regulators, keen that trials are representative of diverse populations, are increasing the pressure on drug firms to conduct them at multiple suites.

This will undoubtedly benefit clinical research organisations (CROs) offering EDC platforms to pharmaceutical industry sponsors seeking to ensure data uniformity and consistency of studies carried out in multiple countries.

Additionally, growth of the trials sector in emerging markets like China, India and, more recently, Central and Eastern Europe, has further increased the need for effective remote management systems.

EDC can save $15m, study

The CenterWatch findings fit very well with the results of survey conducted by UK research group Datamonitor in 2008, which revealed that EDC and electronic trials management systems could save life science and pharmaceutical firms up to $15m (¬11.8m) a year in mailing and protocol distribution costs alone. Principal author, Datamonitor's Ruchi Mallya, predicted that: "An efficient e-clinical platform will provide companies with substantial cost and time savings and will play a vital role in changing the research process for the better."

Mallya also suggested that e-clinical technologies will play a vital role in the implementation of adaptive trials that require continuous analysis and modification of protocols and added that demand for effective solutions would continue to grow through to 2012.

The predicted expansion is good news for EDC players like Phase Forward, Medidata and Metavante Technologies, which bought Bio-Imaging's e-trials business CapMed in January.

The rise of the EDC market will also be a boon for contracting majors such as Parexel and Jubilant Organosys, which have begun providing electronic data management to clients both as a part of their respective clinical development offering and as a stand alone outsourced service.

Image, January 9, 2009

Insuring Global Clinical Trials

CenterWatch has estimated that 20 to 30 percent of all clinical trials are being conducted in what it characterizes as "ascending regions."


Pharmafocus, April, 21, 2009

Is the UK falling behind in clinical trials?

The UK is thought to be losing ground in particular to lower cost emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.

In global ranking of overall country effectiveness for clinical trials, the UK now ranks equal sixth with the Czech Republic after the US, China, India, Russia and Brazil, according to authoritative research by Centerwatch. The ranking is based on analysis of a number of factors including cost efficiency, regulatory conditions, infrastructure and environment.


Pharma Times, August 13, 2013

CenterWatch, Study Scavenger partner for recruitment app

US-based business-information specialist CenterWatch is extending the reach of its Clinical Trials Listing Service through a partnership with Study Scavenger, which offers a free smartphone app to help potential study participants search for clinical-research opportunities.


PharmaTimes Online, January 4, 2011

European SMOs could drive US investigative site consolidation

A fragmented market for clinical research investigative sites in the US could offer rich pickings for ascendant site management organisations (SMOs) based in Europe, a new report suggests.

According to CenterWatch, the US-based information provider of clinical trials information, a new breed of SMO has been "quietly growing in Europe, expanding into emerging regions including Latin America, India and China during the late 2000s with ambitious plans to enter the US market in 2011".


Pharma Times, August 24, 2009

CenterWatch partners with TrialX to Expand Reach of CT Listings

US-based information source CenterWatch has agreed to share its clinical trials listing database with TrialX, the recently launched online platform where patients can connect with investigators and enroll in clinical studies.

Under the three-year partnership, the listings will appear simultaneously on the respective websites, and CenterWatch will also benefit from TrialX's integration with a range of online services, including social media sites (e.g., Twitter,YouTube) and internet health portals (Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault), as well as TrialX's soon-to-be released iPhone application.

Image, October 2010

CenterWatch Service Matches Sponsors, Investigative Sites

CenterWatch's recently introduced grant notification service is designed to assist biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) in indentifying and engaging investigative sites worldwide to conduct Phase I through IV clinical trials.

Image, October 2009

Upfront: Milestones

CenterWatch, a provider of industry news, data analysis, and proprietary market research for clinical trials professionals and patients, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. CenterWatch, which was founded in 1994, was acquired by Jobson Medical Information in 2008.

"We are extremely proud of this achievement and the contributions we have made in this community," says Steve Zisson, editorial director of CenterWatch. "We have grown up in an industry that has seen considerable change over the last decade and a half and CenterWatch has continued to change with it to stay relevant."


View on Clinical OperationsA Supplement to PharmaVoice, June 2009

Metrics Predict Success for Clinical Trials

A CenterWatch survey says 70% of clinical trials run late, something that has changed little over the years. In response, the clinical trial industry is making better use of metrics that improve feasibility planning and selection of trial sites.


Philadelphia Business Journal, December 5, 2008

Drug Trials Cause Tribulations

A recent poll found 94 percent of people recognize the importance of participating in clinical research in order to assist in the advancement of medical science, yet 75 percent of the general public state that they have little to no knowledge about the clinical research enterprise and the participation process. (Source: CenterWatch)


The Placer Herald, July 12, 2012

Living with diabetes: Rocklin man finds fresh hope Clinical study results in new drug approved by FDA

[Gordon] Fish utilized various resources to locate clinical studies, but the one he found the most useful was a publication and associated website, CenterWatch and

"Our primary goal is to provide information and resources to patients, caregivers and family members," regarding clinical studies, said Joan Chambers, CenterWatch's chief operating officer. Established in 1994, CenterWatch is a "patient centered" organization that endeavors to provide easy-to-understand clinical research information to patients who may benefit from it.


Politico, September 9, 2010

A Better Way to Faster Cures

In 2008, U.S. disease-fighting foundations invested about $90 million in biopharmaceutical company drug development, according to CenterWatch, a clinical trials market research group. That’s about 20 percent more than in 2007, and 13 times more than in 2000.


Redbook, February 2009

How a Clinical Trial Could Save Your Life

How to find a clinical trial You might consider volunteering for a study if you have a disease and standard treatments aren't working, if you have a condition for which there's no cure, or if you're at high risk of developing a serious health problem due to family history or other factors. First, ask your doctor if he or she knows of any clinical trials that might help you. You can also check out these resources:

  • At, you can search for studies and get email notifications when new trials for your condition are listed.


San Antonio Current, September 20, 2011

More San Antonians resorting to drug trials, despite the risks they pose

Heightened participation levels brought on by the economic slump is a national trend, with a 16 percent increase in clinical volunteers since the economic downturn, according to Alex O’Meara, author of Chasing Medical Miracles, a book that explores the world of clinical trials. CenterWatch, a Boston-based organization providing clinical trial resources to professionals and patients, confirms such increases.


The, August 5, 2009

Contract Research on the Rise

CROs first showed up in the biotech industry in the late 1970s and quickly took on a significant role in research and development (R&D), eventually expanding from drug discovery and preclinical work to clinical trials, drug manufacturing, and even marketing. According to a 2005 CenterWatch survey, the $15 billion CRO industry was growing at a rate of 12% each year, but data from the past two years show a substantially higher annual growth rate of nearly 17%. In 2007, of the approximately $60 billion biotech and pharmaceutical companies spent on drug development, $15 billion (25%) was outsourced. Last year, despite the economic recession, the CRO market grew to nearly $20 billion 29% of the $74 billion drug development budget.

Image, March, 14, 2009

Many Clinical Trials Lack Patients

Many clinical trials for experimental therapies have been delayed or canceled for lack of patients, U.S. researchers say. A dearth of patients delay more than 70 percent of U.S. clinical trials anywhere from one to six months, according to a 2007 survey by CenterWatch, a Boston firm that publishes information on medical research.


University of California San Francisco News Center, November 22, 2011

Event Highlights the Value of Clinical Research

Although the vast majority of Americans (94 percent) understand the importance of taking part in clinical research to advance medical science, according to the online resource CenterWatch, three in four adults have little to no knowledge about how clinical research works or how to participate.


The Wall Street Journal, Jaunary 15, 2016

French Drug Trial Leaves One Person Brain Dead, Four With Serious Disorders
Victims were healthy volunteers enrolled in clinical trial of drug developed by Portuguese company Bial, investigation opened

A clinical drug trial seriously harmed five men, leaving one of them brain dead, in what France’s top public health official described on Friday as an unprecedented accident.


The Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2008

Matchmakers: Patients Meet Clinical Trials Amid shortage of volunteers, some programs aim to boost education and recruitment

Where to find information about Clinical Trials: Searches 25,000 industry and government-sponsored trials.